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What We Do?

KSH Automotive

KSH Automotive team would like to ask you the following questions: Is your vehicle running as efficiently as it can? Is it performing as designed by the manufacturer? If your answer is NO, then you probably haven’t performed routine maintenance. It should be an ongoing process because any machine that receives use will also accumulate wear. Let us help you and your cars. We’ll keep your cars running strong, long, and efficient. However, you should be attentive to your cars as well. Being able to tell a technician as much information as possible about the nature of your vehicle’s problem can go a long way toward ensuring the repair is done as quickly and inexpensively as possible. If you encounter a problem with your vehicle, our checklist can help you document problems with your vehicle.

Seal of the city and country

KSH Automotive, Inc. is an approved vendor of City and County of San Francisco Human Rights Commission. Refer to the link below for vendor information:

Automotive Service Council

KSH Automotive is a Member of ASC (Automotive Service Council). ASC isan Association that provides business resources to its members and helps advance the professionalism of the automotive repair industry. ASC provides various courses to educate the Automotive Industry workers leading to the maintenance of high quality standards. Kirill Shabelsky (the owner of KSH Automotive) attends ASC meetings and classes, which range in topics from education of our Technicians to industry standards needing to be met to keep the integrity of the Automotive Industry.

Toyota Certified

KSH Automotive employs mechanics, who are Toyota Certified and are graduates of Toyota University.


KSH Automotive uses All data to enable itself to know everything there is to know about your Automobile, Truck or SUV. This priceless piece of software enables us to see schematics, maintenance intervals, labor times, Technical Service Bulletins, recalls, and anything needed to maintain your vehicle properly. KSH receives quarterly updates on the system so information is current and keeps up with the ever changing world of Automotive Diagnostics.


San Francisco

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take your car to just one place for all of your repair work? In San Francisco there is such a place and we’re talking about KSH AUTOMOTIVE! With shop facilities at 730 Ellis Street, 2nd floor, (between Polk & Larkin Streets) KSH AUTOMOTIVE is the area’s leading repair shop. Ask any one who’s used their services. They’ll tell you that this is the ONLY stop you need to make on your way to worry-free driving!

From a simple oil change to a complete engine rebuild, KSH AUTOMOTIVE has the equipment, parts and skill to repair or replace any part that may malfunction. With years of recommendations behind them, KSH AUTOMOTIVE has established the type of reputation that other shops are envious of but they just cannot compete with in terms of service and quality.

So, when you need ANYTHING done to your car, see the best – first.

The editors of this 2006 CONSUMER BUSINESS REVIEW recommend you to make an appointment at KSH AUTOMOTIVE. They’ll take good care of you, at prices you can afford.

Published by San Francisco Examiner in its October 17, 2006 issue of 2006 Consumer Business Review Section.