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A/C Services

A/C is a system that cools and dehumidifies air entering the passenger compartment. The system uses a refrigerant to cool the air and carry heat away from the passenger compartment. Major system components include a compressor, condenser, evaporator, accumulator or receiver/dryer, and orifice tube or expansion valve. Do not intermix different types of refrigerants in an A/C system. Use the type specified by the vehicle manufacturer (R-12 for most 1994 & older vehicles, or R-134a for most 1995 and newer vehicles).

  • We can charge your A/C
  • We can convert your A/C from older version R-12 Freon to a newer R-134a
  • We are equipped with the right tools to diagnose the smallest leaks in your A/C. This eliminates Freon waste and keeps you away from recharging your systems over and over again.
  • We can identify a problem with your A/C and replace A/C condenser, receiver/dryer, compressor, clutch, expansion valve, hoses, and electronic climate control units.