Computerized engine control systems have a certain amount of built-in self-diagnostic capability to detect problems that affect engine performance and emissions. The same is true for the antilock brake system and other onboard systems that are computer controlled. When a fault is detected, the computer will store a diagnostic trouble code in its memory and illuminate the “Check Engine” light. On some vehicles, the computer can be put into a special diagnostic mode by grounding certain terminals on a diagnostic connector. This will cause the Check Engine or other lights to flash out the fault code. On many vehicles, though, a scan tool must be plugged into the computer system to access and read the codes.

We have the latest version of the diagnostic software for the majority of vehicles. This enables us to test and perform high-end diagnostics on the latest vehicle models. The areas diagnosed include Engine, Airbags, ABS, Emission and Evaporation Control Systems. Check-Engine-Light diagnostics are crucial for the cars that need to pass the smog inspection and are unable to do so due to the Check-Engine-Light being on.

KSH Automotive will waive the diagnostics fee if you decide to repair your car with us.

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