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KSH Automotive is San Francisco’s #1 trusted auto body shop and mechanic and we back our five star rating by combining honesty, and hard work, with all necessary skills, equipment, and parts to expertly resolve automotive repairs for all modern automobiles, trucks, suv, crossover, and the like.

Please note the following offered services and consider that the skill of our trained and certified technicians, state of the art facilities, new techniques, latest technologies, and utmost dedication to your best satisfaction is our top priority.

A/C Services

Whether you need your A/C recharged, converted from R-12 to R-134a, a replacement of failed parts, or a diagnosis of leaks we’ve the tools and expertise to competently complete any necessary repair.



All vehicles can benefit from a four-wheel alignment, not just those with front-wheel drive or independent rear suspensions. Alignment is the checking and adjustment of caster, camber and toe angles in a vehicle’s suspension to maintain specifications engineered by the vehicle manufacturer for optimum performance.



Trust us to install new disc brake pads and shoes, resurface rotors and drums, add fresh brake fluid and properly bleed the system. We inspect and replace worn components and have great experience in proper selection of brake pads/rotors and shoes/drums pairings. We use originally manufactured parts.

Collision Auto Repair

We work with all insurance companies to ensure your auto body repair is covered. We work with individual payments as well. The latest tools and technology is utilized to ensure the work is of the highest quality. We use the best quality paints on the market and latest technology to apply and seal all paint coats.


Computer Diagnostics

Computerized engine control systems have a certain amount of built-in self-diagnostic capability to detect problems that affect engine performance and emissions. The same is true for the antilock brake system and other onboard systems that are computer controlled. On some vehicles, the computer can be put into a special diagnostic mode by grounding certain terminals on a diagnostic connector.


Check Engine Light Diagnostic

We have the latest version of the diagnostic software for the majority of vehicles and perform high-end diagnostics on all vehicle models. We diagnose Engine, Airbags, ABS, Emission and Evaporation Control Systems.

KSH Automotive will waive the diagnostics fee if you decide to repair your car with us.

Electronic Testing

We can troubleshoot any Electronic Control Unit (ECU) problems for any vehicle using specialized tools. After finding the solution we can reprogram, replace, or otherwise repair faulty components and return your vehicle to you in proper condition.


Engine Repair/Rebuild

We provide engine rebuilding services for foreign and domestic vehicles. Our repairs are of excellent quality due to the expertise of our mechanics and because we use originally manufactured parts.


Exhaust System Services

The exhaust system consists of the exhaust manifold, exhaust pipe, catalytic converter, muffler and tailpipe and we perform services and repairs to each of the systems.

Suspension Repair

A properly functioning suspension will keep your vehicle ride smooth and safe. We inspect and repair suspensions using parts from the original manufacturer to ensure the longevity and safety of your ride.


Smog Inspection

KSH Automotive offers a Gold Star Smog Inspection. We can also help diagnose and fix your car in case it doesn’t pass the inspection.



Keeping your vehicle properly maintained will keep it running as it was designed and ensure your safety and that of your passengers. KSH Automotive provides regular auto maintenance services for vehicles of all makes and manufacturers.

Transmission Repairs

We provide transmission inspections and, if necessary, will rebuild your transmission whether your vehicle is foreign or domestic. We use original manufacturer parts to ensure your transmission is fixed correctly the first time.


Tires and Wheels

KSH Automotive would like to offer you an option that would put YOU in control. If you prefer to order your own tires, you CAN do so and ship them directly to our shop. We will be glad to accept your shipment and install the tires for you.


Auto Paint

Looking to paint a damaged part or to repaint your vehicle? We offer complete custom painting services and can match your vehicle’s original paint or change it entirely.

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