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KSH Automotive would like to offer you an option that would put YOU in control. If you prefer to order your own tires, you CAN do so and ship themdirectly to our shop. We will be glad to accept your shipment and install the tires for you.

  • If you are not comfortable ordering your own tires, call us at (415) 409-0663. We will find the best deal for you and schedule an appointment for an installation.
  • If you have questions regarding your tires’ specifications, we will be happy to answer your questions at (415) 409-0663.
  • You can order your tires from any place you like. Here is an option that you might find helpful. KSH Automotive purchases most of its tires from Please click on the link below to search for tires on
  • You may find the link below useful if this is your first time ordering tires. It explains when you need new tires and which ones will suit your cars’ needs best.